fall arrangement with hydrangea

fall arrangement with hydrangeaThey get more beautiful as they die. Fading colors, the drama of autumn, glorious sadness. On Instagram you can find a lot of nice pictures with this tag #lovelydeadcrap. But. I’m looking at these for several weeks (months?) now, so actually I’m really fed up with it. This is the official closing of the hydrangea season.

fall arrangement with hydrangea  fall arrangement-17fall arrangement with hydrangea

Another fall arrangement. And some more. Think it sounds much nicer than bouquet. And it’s also more than that ofcourse, with fruit and vegetables and all stuff in it. I like that. For the future, I’m thinking about ikebana. Probably I’m too sloppy and too much in a hurry for that, but we’ll see.

fall arrangement with hydrangea
behind the scenes

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